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Paulmann & Koelbl ohG
Am Tarrenbrink 1
58540 Meinerzhagen

02354 - 6425 

Professional conversion of conventional machine tools into CNC machines

Retooling instead of buying new machines - with a modernization you can effectively extend the lifetime of your machines.
Modernising and retrofitting your machine tools extends their operating lifespan and saves your employees from having to switch to a new model. This makes retrofitting an economically reasonable alternative to a more expensive new purchase.

We offer retrofitting for the following machine tool types:

  • Turning Machines
  • Milling Machines
  • Grinding Machines
  • Boring Mills
  • Processing Centres

We modernize all areas of your machine tools:

  • Mechanics
  • Geometry
  • Elektrics
  • Hydraulics and Lubrication
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Phone: 02354 6425
Phone: 02354 146 421
Fax: 02354 2636

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Paulmann & Kölbl
Am Tarrenbrink 1
58540 Meinerzhagen

Troubleshooting through maintenance and service

In addition to repair work and repairs, we offer comprehensive services with which you can actively prevent malfunctions. Learn more about our range of maintenance, inspection and service products.

The short link in the event of a fault!

How can we help you? Call us and describe us your problem we are happy to be there for you.
02354 6425 or 146421.